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Pre- & Post-Treatment Instructions

Laser Hair Removal

    Prior to Treatment 

  • Do not pluck, wax, use a depilatory or undergo electrolysis in the areas you wish to have treated for 4 weeks prior to
    laser hair removal.
  • Do not tan the areas to be treated for 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Avoid using self-tanning products for 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Shave prior to treatment
    After Treatment 

  • Some redness and swelling in the area is normal after treatment and may feel similar to a sunburn. This should resolve within several hours to several days after treatment.
  • Avoid irritants (glycolics, retinoids, etc.) for seven days after treatment.
  • Apply sunblock daily
  • Avoid exercising for 24 hours


    Prior to Treatment 

  • Avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing products for three days prior to procedure. This will help to minimize possible bruising.
  • Discontinue use of Tetracycline, Retin A/Renova (including Firm & Fade cream) three days prior to all treatments.
  • Sun protection with sunblock, protective clothing and sunglasses are essential prior to, in between, and following your treatments. If you are currently tan or using self-tanning products, you will need to schedule your treatment when the tan fades.
  • Apply topical cream 30 minutes prior to treatment.
    After Treatment 

  • Quick warm (NOT HOT) showers are recommended. If areas treated are other than the facial area, hot baths are not advised for 24 hours.
  • Aerobic exercise, use of saunas and hot tubs should also be avoided for 24 hours.
  • If the skin is broken or a blister appears, apply an antibiotic ointment and notify us. The area should be kept lubricated to prevent crusting or scabbing of tissue.
  • A cold compress, aloe vera, or any other cooling preparation may be used to ease temporary discomfort.
  • Prolonged sun exposure is to be avoided for 4 weeks before and after treatment. A total sunblock, not a sunscreen, should be applied. Sun exposure may cause certain complications, such as blistering and/or hyperpigmentation.
  • No waxing to the treated areas for one month after treatment.
  • Makeup can be applied as long as the skin is not broken. Makeup can also serve to protect the skin from sun exposure.

Chemical Peels

    Prior to Treatment 

  • Stop all skin drying and exfoliating agents 5-7 days prior to treatment (except for Vi peel).  This includes retinoids, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc.  If you are not sure about a product, please call.
  • No waxing for at least 7 days prior to treatment.
    You are not a candidate for a chemical peel if: 

  • ŸHerpes (cold sores) are present
  • You have an immunosuppressive disease or condition
  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding, or intend to get pregnant in the next 30 day
  • You have any history of allergy to the ingredients

After Treatment Instructions
Post-peel instructions will vary depending on the type of peel that was administered.  Your clinician will advise you on post-peel care at the time of your treatment.  You can expect to take 2-3 days off from exercise; you must avoid heat and sweat for the first few days.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion

    Prior to Treatment 

  • Discontinue Retin-A one week prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue retinol, benzoyl peroxide, AHA/BHA 3 days prior to treatment.
  • If you are prone to getting cold sores, begin taking medication for cold sores the day of treatment.
    After Treatment 

  • Limit exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoid Retin-A, AHA/BHA products, scrubs, facial waxing, and any other exfoliating products or procedures for 3 days.
  • Use of cold compresses can provide relief from the temporary “windburn” sensation.
  • Normal use of makeup is acceptable.
  • Use sunscreen every day, whether sun is present or not.
  • Wash face with warm water, not hot.
    *Additional notes: Acne may temporarily look worse after first treatment, but will improve after additional treatments.

Dermal Filler

    Prior to Treatment 

  • Avoid high doses of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vitamin D, fish oils, and turmeric for one week prior (not doing so will increase likelihood of bruising)
  • May begin Arnica Montana tablets for 3 days leading up to treatment to decrease bruising
  • No alcohol for 24 hours
    After Treatment 

  • No exercise for 24 hours
  • No alcohol for 24 hours
  • No topical applications for 12 hours (i.e. makeup, lipstick, sunscreen)
  • No extended exposure to sun or heat
  • DO apply cold compresses to injection site to reduce possible bruising
  • May take or apply Arnica Montana (pills/cream) or Vitamin K cream; both can be found at local health food stores or pharmacy
  • Avoid dental procedures for 30 days
  • No massages for 1 week


    Prior to Treatment 

  • No aspirin or ibuprofen 1 week prior to injections (Tylenol is okay)
  • No alcohol for 24 hours
  • No high-dose fish oils or Vitamin D for 1 week
    After Treatment 

  • Refrain from vigorous exercise for the remainder of the day
  • Do not lie down for 3-4 hours following treatment
  • Do not massage or manipulate the treated area for one week
  • You may wash your face normally
  • Do not ice the area
  • No heavy lifting for 12 hours
  • Some patients develop a headache, which can be treated with Tylenol
  • Mild bruising or swelling may occur at the site but will resolve within a few days
  • In rare cases, the side effects of Botox can include the eyebrow or upper eyelid to droop, but this condition is temporary and corrects itself in 2-3 weeks
  • Takes 3 days until onset of action, 7-10 days to reach optimal results
  • Benefits last an average of 3-4 months

Payment Options

Cancellation Policy

It is very important to us that we are able to give each patient our full attention during scheduled appointments. Due to the high demand for appointments, we must charge a No-Show/Rescheduling fee of $50 if you fail to call and cancel your appointment.